Dead Man Launch by John J. Gobbell


Severn River Publications, LLC

It’s 1950 when a Berlin prostitute dies in a bomb blast; her nine-month old identical twin boys become orphans. One twin is adopted by an American army corporal and taken to America. The other is adopted by an NKVD sergeant and raised in what was the Soviet Union. As young adults, the twins take degrees in naval architecture, then join their naval special forces—Brad Lofton, the American twin, becomes a SEAL; Anton Dobrynyn becomes a Spetsnaz. Read More…

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What Readers are Saying:

★★★★★ What a great book, I could not put it down, author captures. Your imagination and the story line is fantastic, I read all the Last Lieutenants series and was. So impressed that I ordered this book. What a great author and I recommend him to all my submarine shipmates to read.
★★★★★ Great story and relationships. I found it riveting to the point that I could not put it down.
★★★★★ Thoroughly enjoyed The Brutus Lie. Couldn’t put it down. Gobbell’s characters come to life. You feel you know them. Intriguing plotwork. Story locations made me look at maps to follow the action, especially using goggle satellite maps. Fast paced.



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