Dead Man Launch by John J. Gobbell


Todd Ingram Adventures, Book 4

Severn River Publications, LLC

In 1944, the Allies have delivered a stunning blow to Hitler’s Western Front. At the same time, Admiral Raymond A. Spruance’s Fifth Fleet is poised to deliver a knock-out punch to the Japanese Navy in the Marianas and continue the Navy’s island-hoping campaign all the way to Japan.   Read More…

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What Readers are Saying:

★★★★★ Book 4 does not disappoint! The author skillfully and convincingly weaves the complexities of a layered plot in addition to the emotional highs and lows of the main characters.
★★★★★ I know very little about World War II, which makes now this second book that I have read by Mr. Gobbell … so great for me. Because I can tell so much in his writing is true or based on fact. It is amazing to me that he is able to portray so many sides to his story but he does and it is all believable.
★★★★★ It combines history with fiction. It brings alive the horrors of war at sea.



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