Dead Man Launch by John J. Gobbell


Todd Ingram Adventures, Book 3

Severn River Publications, LLC

With THE LAST LIEUTENANT and A CODE FOR TOMORROW, John J. Gobbell has firmly established himself as one of today’s leading authors of epic war novels. His hero, Todd Ingram, has proven to be one of the most fascinating and endearing characters in the genre. Read More…

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What Readers are Saying:

★★★★★ This was an absolutely fabulous book. The WWII action was spot on and very engaging. I was not disappointed in any way. I have read 4 other books by Mr. Gobbell and they were excellent as well.
★★★★★ John Gobbell writes historical novels about WWII naval action. This is right on target and I couldn’t put it down. I served on the Fletcher Class destroyers that he writes about and his writing is technically accurate and very interesting.
★★★★★ This WWII novel captures the “feel” of how desperate and dangerous people’s lives were back when the Greatest Generation saved the world from tyranny. The fast pace and twists and turns make this book a wonderful way to enjoy an afternoon on the beach or tucked into the corner of your Den.



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