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EDGE OF VALOR: A Todd Ingram Adventure

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John was a guest on This Week in America with Ric Bratton. He discusses A CALL TO COLORS and shares historical anecdotes. Click through to watch the recording!

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Published by the U.S. Naval Institute Press, EDGE OF VALOR is the next thrilling Todd Ingram novel set during events right after August 15, 1945 in the Pacific. This time, Ingram discovers a secret so terrible, all sides try to suppress it. Now available in Hardcover! Buy it today.


These are stand-alone naval action adventure novels featuring Todd Ingram. Historically accurate, they are set in World War II's Pacific Theater and portray some of the critical naval battles in that period.


Now Available from StarboardSide Productions, this ebook features Commander Mike Donovan, skipper of the destroyer USS Matthew. With General MacArthur's 165,000 troops just ashore to begin the Philippine liberation, Donovan finds himself embroiled in what becomes the Battle of Leyte Gulf - the largest naval engagement in the history of mankind. It is available for Kindle and Nook.


This contemporary techno-thriller was published by Charles Scribner's Sons in hardback in 1991. John likes to feature technical-centerpieces in his works and BRUTUS, a long-legged mini-submarine powered by fuel cells, takes former SEAL Brad Lofton to Petropovlovsk, Kamchatka, where he meets Spetsnaz Colonel Anton Dobrynyn, an identical twin Lofton never knew that...

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Edge of Valor: Todd Ingram Book 5Edge of Valor

Todd Ingram Adventures, Book 5 ISBN: 13 978-1986907040 StarboardSide Productions $14.94 Trade Paperback, $8.95 Kindle

The fifth exciting entry to the Todd Ingram series, Edge of Valor features the World War II exploits of Commander Todd Ingram, now skipper of the destroyer USS Maxwell (DD 525). After the ship is hit by a kamikaze off Okinawa, they pull in for repairs at Kerama Retto Island where they learn of the war's end. Instead of being shipped home, Ingram receives orders to fly to Manila where he is thrown into planning the formal surrender ceremony in Tokyo Bay. Two days later, the promise of attending the surrender ceremony becomes a distant hope as he is sent to Karafuto Island (soon to be renamed after the Soviet conquest – Sakhalin), to defuse a Russian attack on Hokkaido. Also, Ingram is detailed to extract a Red Cross representative on Karafuto who is being protected by the Japanese garrison. Reportedly, the man has overwhelming photographic evidence of grisly human experiments on Chinese citizens. Three weeks ago, Ingram was fighting the Japanese and the Soviets were allies. Now, the war is over, but Ingram doesn't know who to trust.

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SYNOPSIS by John J Gobbell

The Fifth novel of the Todd Ingram Historical Naval Adventures, published by the U.S. Naval Institute Press.

Edge of Valor is the fifth historical thriller by John J. Gobbell featuring the World War II exploits of Cdr. Todd Ingram, commanding officer of the destroyer USS Maxwell (DD 525), who saves his ship when it’s hit by a kamikaze off Okinawa. For repairs, they pull into Kerama Rhetto, Okinawa, where news of the war’s end comes. With everyone else, Ingram expects to be shipped home. Instead, he receives orders to fly to Manila where he’s met by Brig. Gen. Otis Dewitt, an Army buddy from his days on Corregidor and now intelligence aide to General Richard K Sutherland, chief of staff to General Douglas MacArthur. On Ingram’s C-54 are sixteen Japanese senior military and civilian diplomats who meet with Sutherland to discuss formal surrender arrangements. Two days later, the terms are agreed with Ingram working with one of the Japanese delegates to ensure enemy mines are neutralized so the allied fleet of over two ships can enter Tokyo Bay. While Ingram is promised he can attend the ceremony in Tokyo Bay, DeWitt, in concert with the State Department, has an ulterior motive and sends him to Karafuto Island (Sakhalin to the Soviets) to defuse a Soviet attack on Hokkaido – the northernmost island of Japan’s Home Islands. Ingram’s old adversary Edward Dezhnev is the brigade commander responsible for laying siege to a Japanese holdout command in Toro, a natural jumping-off place for an attack on Hokkaido.

Also in Toro, DeWitt explains, is Walter Boring, a Red Cross representative with two crates of overwhelming photographic evidence of Japan’s experiments on live human beings in China. Ingram is expected to return Boring and those crates, but how can he when Boring is being protected by the Japanese garrison in Toro, where Dezhnev and his brigade stand ready to overpower them at any moment?

As his shipmates prepare to return to their loved ones, Ingram’s war continues. Three weeks earlier he was fighting the Japanese, and the Russians were supposed to be friends. Now he doesn’t know who to trust.


Critical Praise / Cover Quotes

"Having skippered his battered destroyer through deadly kamikaze attacks, twice Navy Cross winner Todd Ingram is rewarded by Washington with a new and even more perilous secret mission. And John J. Gobbell will keep his readers up until dawn to discover if Ingram can possibly accomplish or even survive his hair-raising assignment to foil a bold Soviet planned invasion of Hokkaido from Sakhalin—before the ink is dry on Japan's surrender."

"Jack Gobbell knows how to tell a story, and Edge of Valor is a corking good one—combining the final days of World War II's war in the Pacific and the beginning of the Cold War. Gobbell skillfully weaves fascinating, well-drawn fictional characters into historical situations and thus makes a learning experience out of gripping drama. Along the way, he gives such real-life characters as Gen. Douglas MacArthur, Adm. Chester Nimitz, Adm. John S. McCain Sr. and even Arturo Toscanini walk-on parts that are often almost as interesting as his main characters. Edge of Valor is, in short, a compelling and well-researched work of historical fiction."

"Far better than a yarn. Edge of Valor has vivid historical characters and heart. Like no other historical novel, it brings to life the new world order that followed WWII and is still emerging as the cause of turmoil in the western Pacific continues to shift."

"John Gobbell's latest book, Edge of Valor: A Todd Ingram Novel is another triumph in this series. It is historical fiction at its best. He is a master of the details of the battle actions of our WWII destroyers and extends his tale to include the beginning of the Cold War with the Soviet Union."



Gobbell’s exciting fifth Todd Ingram novel... History and military buffs will be well rewarded.

Gobbell’s exciting fifth Todd Ingram novel (after 2004’s The Neptune Strategy) finds Ingram commanding the destroyer USS Maxwell, which comes under Kamikaze attack off the coast of Japan shortly after the second atomic bomb falls on Nagasaki. Following the Japanese surrender, Ingram thinks the end of the war in the Pacific means an imminent return to his wife and son stateside after years of combat, yet he quickly discovers otherwise. While Ingram’s next assignment is to escort top Japanese military officials and diplomats on a flight to the Philippines to negotiate peace with Gen. Douglas MacArthur, his old comrade from Corregidor days, Brig. Gen. Otis DeWitt, has bigger plans for the war-weary commander. DeWitt dispatches him to Sakhalin Island, where the Soviets are preparing to launch an attack on Hokkaido. The heroic Ingram gets involved in plenty of intrigue as he seeks to thwart the Soviet threat. History and military buffs will be well rewarded.


This book is the fifth in the Todd Ingram series though it is not necessary to read them in order. In it as the war with Japan is ending, another foe is apparent as the Cold War begins. Todd Ingram’s background makes him the most likely candidate for a difficult and as it turns out, dangerous assignment so instead of heading for home and family at the end of the war; he finds himself the focus of intrigue, espionage and combat in a frozen place being disputed by a reeling Japan and the Soviet Union. John Gobbell paints a rich picture of U.S. Navy life from an officer's perspective, reflecting his own navy service. He draws on that knowledge and has researched the time period to produce another enjoyable tale for his many fans. Edge of Valor, like the other books in the Todd Ingram series, puts the reader in the action with vivid descriptions and lifelike dialog. Gobbell provides an undercurrent of the issues of the painful separation from family so familiar to military personnel and especially those who serve at sea. Old issues haunt some of the characters and affect their behavior in ways all too familiar to most veterans and Ingram and his family are not immune to them. Characters familiar to readers of Gobbell's previous works appear in sometimes new and tangled roles, resulting in unexpected twists as Ingram becomes aware that this post-war situation has become personal—someone is trying to kill him. Any U.S. Navy veteran should appreciate this book but especially the destroyer sailors and I recommend it very favorably.


Edge of Valor is John Gobbell at his finest, with a rapidly-paced historical thriller that will have readers turning pages at a furious rate. His portrayal of the war years in the Pacific and on the home front is brilliant and authentic down to the last detail.


August, 1945. The surrender of Japan should have brought a close to the war, and to the need of Commander Todd Ingram’s presence in the Pacific. But when he is called away from his duties aboard the USS Maxwell to go on a top secret mission, he is troubled. He wants nothing more than to go home to his wife in California.

As a commissioned officer in the U.S. Navy, he is able to bring tremendous insight, information, and authenticity to play in his writing.

Of what use would the commanding officer of an American destroyer be among a crew of pilots, Marines, and representatives of the state department escorting Japanese dignitaries? What role could he play in dissuading Soviet intentions to occupy not only territory on the mainland, but also the island of Hokkaido? When he sees his Russian contact, all is made clear. This is the very man he had come to call friend years ago in San Francisco. It’s also the very man who tried to have Ingram’s wife killed. With NKVD threats against his life, the prospect of WWIII, and the onset of the Cold War, the world itself seems at stake. And Ingram finds himself in the middle of it.

This is the fifth installment of the Ingram series. I haven’t read the others, but Gobbell does a good job of getting the reader up to speed. As a commissioned officer in the U.S. Navy, he is able to bring tremendous insight, information, and authenticity to play in his writing. He obviously loves military life. The novel is full of banter among the ranks, banter between the ranks, and banter between the military branches. His enthusiasm for his characters perhaps shows through too much, and the pacing is a bit off. Nevertheless it was an enjoyable read, and it was good to meet the likes of MacArthur and be there for the official surrender ceremony.